Posted 3 August, 2015 by Alix Dunn

Announcing Christopher’s Departure

It is with sadness that we announce that Christopher will be leaving the engine room at the end of this year. We wanted to share how grateful we are for his contributions to building and growing the engine room into what it is today. It’s been an amazing run. We want to thank Christopher for all of the late nights, the early morning airport transfers, the bold ideas for bootstrapping the engine room, and the selfless commitment to building something from nothing. Since 2011, Christopher has led the engine room’s research activities, developed the responsible data program from an ambitious idea into a community of practice, supported our seemingly overnight expansion, and did all of the other million little things it takes to successfully co-found and run an organization with grace under pressure.

Through the transition, and beyond, I will lead the organization as its executive director. Over the next few months, Christopher will be working with me to wrap up and hand over projects, and his last day with the organization will be in December. We’re excited to continue the growth and impact of the engine room and look forward to this new chapter. We have no doubt that Christopher’s work to date will help shape what is yet to come, and we wish him the best in his future projects.

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