Turning an Idea into an Action Plan: documenting our work with Directorio Legislativo

Posted August 21, 2015 by Ela Stapley
Credit: Maya Richman

Credit: Maya Richman

This is the story of an organization who reached out to us for help in turning a great tech idea into an action plan.

(Versión en español abajo)

Our first Matchbox partner in Latin America was Fundación Directorio Legislativo (Directorio Legislativo), an Argentinian organization promoting dialogue and transparency within the Argentine parliament. One of their transparency efforts is to track changes to legal bills as they make their way through the legislative process. They used to track  these changes by hand, but knew that the right technology could allow them to automate the process. This is when they reached out to us through the Matchbox project to get help in finding (or building) the platform they envisioned.

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From ad-hoc meetings with a few colleagues to webinar-style large meetings, here are some tools we’re finding useful

Posted August 20, 2015 by Kristin Antin
An important meeting

Day 143 (Credit: Deborah Cardinal)

Talking to your colleagues is important. When you can’t always talk in person (our distributed team of 11 people in 9 countries is in this boat) you have to rely on technology. To make these conversations productive (and pleasant), it’s important to find a tool that makes it easy for everyone to connect. We have lots of experience trying out different online meeting platforms and we thought we’d share some of what we’ve learned in this blog post.

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What we’re learning about digitizing and preserving documents

Posted August 13, 2015 by Ela Stapley
OSF archives

OSF archives (Credit: Open Society Foundations)

For the past few months Nicole Friedman, until recently the data analyst at the Open Society Archives, has helped a Matchbox partner to tackle the insurmountable: get 50,000+ physical documents in order and digitized. It has been no small task, but thanks to Nicole, we’ve learned a lot on the way. So if you’ve got a digitization challenge, read on!

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