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Case Studies in Anti-Corruption Advocacy

Last week we were at the International Anti-Corruption Conference, where we spent most of our time looking for people who had done innovative and successful things with new technologies for anti-corruption advocacy. The theme of the event — held every two years — was citizen mobilization, and most of the cases that we looked at had to do with finding new ways to engage citizens in the fight against “petty” or small scale corruption. Throughout the next few weeks we’ll be looking closer at these cases (listed below) with an eye towards organizing and analyzing them so that they are as helpful as possible for practitioners.

Fighting Corruption Using New Technologies

From Flickr User Martin Baran

Data Aggregation & Collection:


Some Combination of Data Aggregation & Crowdsourcing:

  • Bribe Market – corruption reporting with a twist, Romania
  • Check My School – education budget transparency and civic engagement platform, The Philippines

As you can see, there are a lot of corruption reporting platforms out there, so the trick will be in finding out what makes each successful (or not successful). This will likely require including one or two that were not represented at the IACC – for instance the Punjab Model in Pakistan. Are there any other initiatives not mentioned that we should take a look at?  Please let us know in the comments!

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Susannah VIla says:

An addition that came in via email…. (Improving healthcare in Serbia – also read about it here

Susannah vila says:

Another addition that came in via email was They are doing interesting work.

Indra de Lanerolle says:

I have worked on a project in South Africa which launched a year ago: Corruption Watch To your question on what is successful and not successful, I have written up a report on the online reporting tool in its first year which will be published by Association for Progressive Communications (APC) in their 2012 Global Information Society Watch report which is devoted to reporting on the Internet and Corruption. The report is available free at

Indra de Lanerolle
Visiting Research Associate
University of Witwatersrand
South Africa

Thanks so much Indra – I look forward to reading this.

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