Responsible Data Forum

Part of the Responsible Data Program, the Forum will convene activists, advocates, security thinkers, researchers and technology does, for a 3 day learning and building sprint to help activists and organizations address ethical, security and privacy challenges when using data in advocacy.

From the Facebook page of Lungisa, a community monitoring tool in South Africa.

Surfacing Effective Tactics for Transparency and Accountability

The engine room is working with WeGov to surface, document and facilitate connections between new initiatives that are using technology in work for increased government transparency and accountability.


Responsible Data Program

The engine room’s responsible data program works with partners to develop and improve useable resources for activists, to more safely and effectively collect data for advocacy.

People Engagement Against Corruption

Recognizing the increasing role played by technology in anti-corruption campaigns, the Transparency International Secretariat partnered with the engine room provide direct, dedicated and in-depth support to national chapters

Open Government Partnership Norway

The engine room is supporting the Independent Review Mechanism for Norway’s commitments under the Open Government Partnership, by facilitating civil society consultations and contributing to the production of the final report.

Level Up

To better understand how trainings in digital security work and how they can be improved, the engine room is conducting a qualitative study by interviewing support organizations and participants of training of trainers, or ToTs.

Social Tech Census

A directory of support for advocates looking to incorporate new tactics and tools into their work. Use the census to find out about available resources in specific geographic communities.


The first empirical global data set on technology and civil society, TechScape aims to inform and enhance the work of international support organizations, trainers, donors, policy makers, academics and journalists.