Posted 22 February, 2013 by Alix Dunn

Exploring Digital Strategy in Human Rights Advocacy with New Tactics

We’re excited to announce that this spring we will be partnering with New Tactics in Human Rights to hold an online dialogue on how human rights campaigners can safely and effectively integrate social media in their work.

The dialogue, led by excellent facilitators like Christoph Koettl From Amnesty International-USA, will engage the New Tactics community of human rights practitioners in conversations around questions like:

  • How do you design a social media strategy that takes your stakeholders into account;
  • What kinds of resources do you devote to your social media presence;
  • What practitioner projects have effectively used social media in rights campaigns and what lessons did they learn;
  • How do you protect your staff and your constituents when you use social media tools in human rights campaigning.

For interested practitioners, these online discussions are a great way to share what you have learned using new technologies in advocacy work and can be a way to find inspiration and learn from the tactics of others. As the dialogue approaches, we will provide more information about other facilitators that will be joining the conversation. The dialogue isn’t until May 13, but feel free to get in touch with us if you have ideas or want to get more involved in the lead up to the dialogue.

We highly recommend setting up an account on New Tactics site so you can be a part of this conversation, and many others, in a large community of human rights practitioners!

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