Posted 14 August, 2018 by Laura Guzman

Want to explore digital ID systems? Work with us!

We’re excited to share that over the next year we will be researching digital identification systems to build our collective understanding of both their potential and their risks. As part of this project, we are announcing two new positions with The Engine Room, which will focus on questions of responsible data and digital ID. Read on to see if you – or someone you know – might be interested in working with us!

Amplify country-specific perspectives

In this research-driven project, we are collaborating with local researchers in several countries to fill gaps in our shared understanding of digital identification systems. We’ll be amplifying local perspectives on digital ID systems by understanding the effect these systems have on local populations who’ve had to adopt them. Working with in-country advocates, we hope to build insights that can inform contextual decision-making around digital ID in the future.

The Roles

We are hiring two positions to support this project directly: a Senior Project Manager (full-time) and a Community Coordinator (consultant). Both roles will work with our Research, Engagement and Communications team and will contribute to this project on digital ID systems.

The Senior Project Manager will be an experienced project manager with a critical but pragmatic perspective on the role of data in social justice and advocacy, who is excited to work on research projects related to responsible data. They will join The Engine Room as a full-time team member.

The Community Coordinator is an experienced and thoughtful communicator and coordinator, who can ‘translate’ between technically-focused individuals and different mission-based organisations. They will work closely with the Senior Project Manager and with the in-country researchers working on the project.

About The Engine Room

The Engine Room helps activists, organisations, and other social change agents make the most of data and technology to increase their impact. Learn more about our work in our 2017 retrospective and outline of what we do.

How to apply

This is a rolling application process and we will be reviewing submissions as they come in. We highly encourage interested candidates to apply immediately. Applications must be received via the Breezy platform. Applications received via email will not be considered. If you have any questions, please reach out to Anneke, our People Lead, at Click below to view the two open roles.


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