Posted 31 March, 2014 by Alix Dunn

Five Big Changes in the engine room

If you follow us on Twitter or read our blog, you’ve no doubt noticed we’ve been on a hiring spree. In the last three weeks we’ve hired three new team members! We wanted to take a breather and get everyone up to speed on what the new team looks like. And don’t worry, we don’t plan on keeping up that kind of pace.

  1. Susannah Vila, a co-founder, left us in January to start an MBA program at Columbia University.

  2. Tin Geber has joined us as a full-time Project Pirate. Tin is an interactive data designer who will be helping out on several projects – hence the job title.

  3. Maria Grabowski, a researcher, writer, and campaigner who helped out on the Social Tech Census and has been blogging for us over the past year has joined the team as our Administrative Octopus.

  4. Maya Richman, a technologist, researcher, and radio host based in Montreal has joined the team as Jabbermaster and will be helping us with communications, research, and web design.

  5. These new hires have been made possible by a generous general support grant from the Oak Foundation which we’ll be using to develop as an organization and grow our programs.

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