Posted 4 May, 2012 by Susannah Vila

Innovation in Anti-Corruption Tactics: IACC 2012

The International Anti-Corruption conference has announced an exciting addition to its upcoming convening (in Brasilia in November). They’ll be identifying gamechangers, or people who are building new initiatives from the ground up to fight corruption, and honing in on these practitioners’ lessons learned in a series of gamechanger workshops.

The recipe for an impactful anti-corruption initiative is long and technology is just one ingredient. A consequence, however, of the increased availability of digital media is that anti-corruption initiatives are more often emerging from individual citizens and ad hoc groups rather than organized civil society. The IACC has recognized this increase in bottom up initiatives and built it into not just the programming for their next conference but also their mission. Their 2010 Bangkok Declaration which, they write, “set the tone for the future of the international anti-corruption movement,” emphasized the IACC’s move towards a “new emphasis on people..and on all forms of media.”

Their timing couldn’t have been more on point. The prevalence of bottom up, citizen initiatives for transparency and accountability has only increased in the past 2 years. This underlines the importance of supporting them. A great way to do so is by providing a space for discussion about what has worked and and opportunity to meet global counterparts. Are you one of these gamechangers? You should submit a proposal to run a gamechangers workshop, and let us know in the comments as we’d love to meet you!

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