Posted 6 February, 2014 by Alix Dunn

We’re Hiring a Paid, Part-Time Jabbermaster Intern

We are hiring a paid, part-time intern to help tighten our comms ship. We are looking for creativity, motivation, and interesting experience over schooling, but someone with an undergrad degree in political science, communications, computer science, journalism, or a related field would be great. The intern will be working directly with our administrative octopus to manage our communications and help us to get involved (and stay involved) in the many, many online conversations that we should be learning from and contributing to. The ideal candidate is someone looking for experience working to support advocacy initiatives to successfully integrate technology into their game plans. The position is 6 months with a possibility of an extension and expansion if it’s a good fit.

Get in touch if you have any questions. If not, send a CV and a few paragraphs about why you would make a great communications intern and why you would like to work for us to post [at] If you want to get involved with the engine room in another way pitch an idea – we’re open!


The Jabbermaster will:

  • Work a minimum of one day a week for 6 months with our distributed team
  • Contribute to managing the engine room Twitter feed and blog
  • Get creative with our comms, help us stay on message, and keep people up-to-date with what we are working on and thinking about
  • Pick up tasks related to communications based on background, experience, and interest (if you like design, help us with formatting outputs; if you know tech, help us build and maintain our tech infrastructure; insert other skill or interest here)
  • Support ad hoc on projects as needed

Skills and Qualifications

We are looking for someone who:

  • Reads vociferously about innovation in advocacy
  • Is interested in working with the engine room and our fast-paced universe of research and support
  • Sleeps with their smart phone or tablet somewhere in/near their bed
  • Stalks Twitter feeds about uses of research and technology in advocacy (and sometimes even research about technology in advocacy – meta!)
  • Was really disappointed when Google killed Reader but it’s ok, all of their feeds made it over to a new Feedly account
  • Likes hammering out blog posts outlining original ideas, editing other people’s blog posts, and collecting content for residents of the internet
  • Enjoys working in a team while also taking ownership over their own projects
  • Speaks English fluently and has mastery in one other language (preference, not requirement!)
  • Articulates ideas concisely and clearly in both written and verbal communications

We also respect the Geneva Convention for interns (paid or unpaid).

Don't point that gun at him. He's an unpaid intern.


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