Posted 17 June, 2021 by Anneke Victorica

Join The Engine Room team as our Human Resources Coordinator or Manager!

We’re looking for a Human Resources Coordinator or Manager (and a Research Lead) to join our team. 

Technology is changing a lot about how our world works, including the way in which civil society can hold power to account, build collaborations and mobilise data to push for social justice. At The Engine Room, we work with civil society partners–from big humanitarian organisations to small activist collectives–to build their technical intuition and support them in making better judgements about the role tech and data can play in their work. 

As an organisation, we are passionate about the way in which we support our team to do their best work while also designing processes and practices that support individual and collective well-being. 

Does this sound like work you would like to be a part of? If so, read more about the Human Resources Coordinator or Manager role below to decide if you would be a good fit. We highly encourage individuals from all backgrounds, experiences and identities to apply, especially candidates from Latin America and Africa. We look forward to receiving your application! 

  • As our Human Resources Coordinator or Manager you would join our Ops & HR Team. You would work closely with our People Lead, Ops team and our executive leadership team to design and oversee HR processes to ensure they are effective, efficient and in line with our organisational values, especially around social justice and equity. The key processes that you would coordinate and oversee are recruitment, onboarding and offboarding, team-wide performance management, internal transitions, and staff’s compliance with existing policies. You would also support processes related to payroll, employment, benefits and compliance. 

We know that for many, the current situation has made work and work-life balance difficult. Our work has always been remote and we prioritise policies and processes that provide flexibility and well-being, especially during times of crisis. 

You would be joining our core team, which is made up of inspiring and supportive people based in eleven countries and four continents. Our core team is distributed, meaning the Internet is our office. Applicants should have a solid internet connection and, as our work can (under normal circumstances!) require travel, they should be near enough to an airport that they can comfortably hop on a plane.

Why work with us?

We put a lot of effort into creating a healthy, remote organisation, and we believe that caring about our team’s wellbeing is a political act. Our team members are curious, open and supportive of each other. We are critical optimists about the role technology and data can have in the push for social justice. At The Engine Room, we consider diversity to be a competency. We actively seek new perspectives, experiences and voices in our team and in our work. Our organisation prioritises empathy, respect, flexibility, fun and a healthy work-life balance.  

Ready to apply?

Applications must be received via the links that can be found on our Jobs page. Submissions received via email will not be considered. In the interest of equity and efficiency, we ask people to look at our Jobs page as well as our Job Application Process FAQs if they have questions, would like an overview of our recruitment process, or need information on what it is like to work at The Engine Room.

July 10th is the deadline for applications for the Human Resources Coordinator or Manager.

If you have questions that aren’t addressed in our Jobs FAQ, please reach out to Anneke, our People Lead, at anneke[at] Note, however, that in the interest of fairness and due to limited time, we limit calls from potential candidates; it’s important to us that people who have a first- or second-degree connection to someone who is at The Engine Room, do not have an unfair advantage over others who may not have those existing connections.

Image by Andrew Ridley via Unsplash.

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