Posted 15 March, 2011 by Christopher Wilson


In unabashed appreciation of Chris Blattman’s practice:

  • Senator Al Franken Talks Net Neutrality with Tech Crunch at SXSW. The interview format makes it clear that he has long worked with prepared speeches and manuscripts (“mumble mumble, what is my website?”, plus the closing gem), but his position is strong and it is important that the issue has this kind of popular political advocate. I also like that he is speaking at SXSW, I like that he bringing back the trope of internet pipes, and I really like how much he sounds like Tom Waits.
  • Online Africa has updated its overview of African Leaders on Facebook, with some moderately interesting statistics.  More interesting is Ethan Zuckerman’s observation about the “odd correlation between leaders who’ve been forced out and Facebook popularity”
  • Cameroon blocks Twitter-text messaging (which nobody uses), apparently out of protest anxiety.  This is the latest in a run of disturbing and hugely undereported ripples the Arab Protest Wave has sent across Africa, and which will merit a closer look shortly.


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