Posted 5 June, 2013 by Susannah Vila

(More) Things That We’re Learning About Matchmaking

In case you haven’t been following our blog religiously this year, we’ve been learning a lot  about best practices for matchmaking between social change projects and people with specialized skill sets. We recently brought together organizations that have a lot of matchmaking experience to chat about some of their lessons learned. A huge thanks to those who joined, including:

It was a great mix of people who are thinking about incorporating matchmaking into their programs and people who have been working hard at it for a while. One of the highlights for me was seeing individuals who hadn’t met before, but do really similar work, exchange notes about their experiences. The conversation also surfaced a lot of interesting tidbits about what works for connecting advocates to (non-financial) resources. To look through those tidbits, head over to our working list of best practices, which we’ve just updated with notes from the call. It’s a perpetual draft – and you can access it here:

Thanks again to everyone who joined!

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