Posted 30 March, 2016 by Zara Rahman

Next human rights documentation community call: April 5th

Update: Thanks for joining the call on April 5th! If you missed it, full notes are available here

We’ll be joined by: 

  • Sam Dubberley, co-founder of Eyewitness Media Hub
  • Ella McPherson, a lecturer at Cambridge University who’s been working on The Whistle, a digital platform for citizen witnesses to report human rights violations.
  • Morgan Hargrave of WITNESS, talking about protecting identities on video.

And, like last time, there will be time to ask questions and have more of a discussion around the topics they mention.

We’ll be building upon the things that come up in the community calls in this project, which is leading up to a writing sprint at the end of May. We’re keen to hear what outputs of the sprint would be most useful to the broader community: in the lead-up, we’ll be having in-person consultations, community calls like this one, and individual interviews. We’re also sharing what we’re learning as we go, through a weekly Research Diary.

At the moment, we’re particularly interested in the following questions:

  • What could help human rights researchers to make use of new data streams in their work? (this could be anything from format suggestions, to more substantive content)
  • What is already going on at the ‘cutting edge’ of using data in documenting human rights violations? We’re building a list that will be shared publicly, but there’s lots out there to catch.

Anyone with an interest in the above questions, or the broader topic, is very welcome to participate – either just by listening, or by sharing what you’re working on. We’ll be using this Etherpad to document notes for the call in a comprehensive, participatory way, and and these will be regular calls – so don’t worry if you can’t make this first time.

Details on joining the call

We will be using an online conferencing service called UberConference. This service allows us to connect up to 100 participants using VOIP or phone. This is not a video conferencing system, so don’t worry about brushing your hair!

To join the discussion on UberConference, just follow these steps at the time of the meeting:

  1. Using Firefox or Chrome, go to .
  2. If you have trouble using your computer for audio, you can connect using your phone. Just dial 607-821-7499 (you don’t need a PIN).

UberConference’s System requirements. For help, visit the UberConference user guide, or the UberConference support portal.

(Image by Emiliano – CC-BY-SA)

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