Posted 4 July, 2016 by Alix Dunn

Orange is the New Black: Welcome to The Engine Room

Welcome to our new website and to the new look of The Engine Room! It’s still us – but hopefully a more pleasant online experience and simpler words. As we roll out our new website and look, I wanted to share a bit about how we got here and what you should expect.

Over the past 6 months we have worked with a firm called Article to better communicate to others what we do and who we are. Aside from the totally new look of the website, colours, and branding of the organisation, there are a few other changes to the site.

  • We are making it easier for visitors to our site and potential partners that we haven’t met to go straight to booking a call with someone on the team. And we highly encourage it. Want to talk about the data and technology ambitions of your project or initiative? Book a call here.
  • We have added a responsible data page to explain how we practise responsible data as an organisation. We are encouraging partner organisations to do the same.
  • Now you can also read in-depth case studies of our work to give you a stronger flavour of what we do.
  • And, for the sake of ease for others, we are now capitalising The Engine Room.

That’s it for now – feel free to let us know what you think, and happy scrolling.


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