Meet the team

We’re a diverse, passionate group of nomads. As a team we have expertise in everything from information activism to responsible data to inclusive facilitation.

Danna Ingleton

Danna has a feminist and legal human rights background and has worked with numerous international organizations such as the Red Cross, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and Amnesty International. She has worked on issues related to NGO and advocacy ethics including informed consent, participatory approaches and data management. She was previously the engine room’s Responsible Data Program Manager, while on sabbatical from Amnesty International.

Allen Gunn

Allen Gunn is the Executive Director of Aspiration Tech, which helps nonprofits and foundations use software tools more effectively and sustainably. Gunn represents Aspiration Tech on the engine room Advisory Board. Gunn and Aspiration hosted and facilitated the engine room’s first advisory board meeting in October in San Francisco.

Julie Lorch
Julie Lorch is a Product Designer in San Francisco. She advises The Engine Room on user-centred design and design research, collaborating with the team to design and develop several Matchbox projects related to microtasking, database development, and data visualization.