Elizabeth Eagen

Deputy Director, CAT Lab at Cornell University

Elizabeth Eagen is Deputy Director of the Citizens and Technology Lab at Cornell University, which works with communities to study the effects of technology on society and test ideas for changing digital spaces to better serve the public interest. CAT Lab envisions a world where digital power is guided by evidence and accountable to the public. Previously, she established and led the Emerging Technology portfolio at the Open Society Foundations’ Information Program. This initiative funded the use of emergent technologies in evidence and advocacy, building the role of knowledge management; and the use of data visualization tools, data science, statistics, and new media tactics by civil society and policymakers. She founded the Human Rights Data Initiative, and led the Urbanization Working Group, which explored urbanization and open society through programming, research, and debate. Elizabeth holds masters degrees in Public Policy and Russian and Eastern European Studies from the University of Michigan, and a BA from Macalester College.