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Practical techniques

Social media data

Budget data for human rights

  • Center for Economic and Social Rights (2015), Defending Dignity: a manual for national human rights institutions on monitoring economic, social and cultural rights
  • International Budget Partnership (2010), A Guide to Tax Work for NGOs
  • Christian Aid (2011), Tax Justice Advocacy: A Toolkit for Civil Society
  • Fundar and International Budget Partnership (2004), Dignity Counts: a guide to budget analysis to advance human rights
  • International Budget Partnership (2014), Article 2 and Governments’ Budgets
  • OHCHR (2010), Human Rights in Budget Monitoring, Analysis and Advocacy: Training Guide
  • International Budget Partnership (2008), Our Money, Our Responsibility: A Citizens’ Guide to Monitoring Government Expenditures
  • Hakikazi Catalyst (2006), Follow the Money: A Resource Book for Trainers on Public Expenditure Tracking in Tanzania International Budget Partnership
  • Open Knowledge Foundation, Open Spending Handbook

Here today, gone tomorrow: Preserving online videos and photos

As seen from above: Satellites and drones

Responsible data considerations

Join the Responsible Data mailing list or check out the resources on the Responsible Data website. If you’re a Twitter user, you can also tweet using #ResponsibleData to tap into the thriving community of Responsible Data practitioners.

Real life safety risks

Are your digital tools safe?

Security in-a-Box, jointly developed by Front Line Defenders and Tactical Technology Collective, along with a global network of thousands of activists, trainers and digital security experts

Where to go from here

How to frame your research

Reports that document the underlying research methodology as one or several sections in a report

Experts working in this field