Posted 25 May, 2016 by Tom Walker

Responsible data use in agriculture – join our webinar

This call took place on May 31st: keep an eye on our blog for a write up and for future outputs from this project. 

We’re excited to announce a new project together with Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN), looking at responsible data implications and considerations around open data usage in the agriculture sector.

In this project, which will last until the end of August 2016, we’ll be thinking about how GODAN partners and others working with open data in the sector can balance an “open by default” approach while factoring in responsible data challenges.

We’ll be focusing especially on the power imbalances that are at play. For example: what does ‘responsibly opening data’ mean, when it comes to agriculture? How do these considerations differ between corporate actors dealing with large amounts of data, or smallholder farmers without the same levels of access?

To kick the project off, we’ll be hosting a webinar on 31 May, at 4pm CEST. Whether you have particular expertise in the sector or would simply like to learn more – do join us. We’ll be sharing some initial findings from our first phase of desk research before we move into the next phase. We’d especially like to hear from you if you’re working on similar topics, or if you know of particular case studies that we should be taking into account.

There’s no need to RSVP for the call. Please feel free to invite others to join.

Details on joining the call

We will be using an online conferencing service called UberConference. This service allows us to connect up to 100 participants using VOIP or phone. This is not a video conferencing system, so don’t worry about brushing your hair!

To join the discussion on UberConference, just follow these steps at the time of the meeting:

  1. Using Firefox or Chrome, go to .
  2. If you have trouble using your computer for audio, you can connect using your phone. Just dial 607-821-7499 (you don’t need a PIN).

UberConference’s System requirements. For help, visit the UberConference user guide, or the UberConference support portal.

(Image by Lars Plougmann – CC-BY-SA)

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