Posted 30 September, 2014 by Tin Geber

Responsible Resource Sprint Liveblog

Update 17:00

We just wrapped up a very productive day of output-driven brainstorming and drafting. Groups are excited to dive in again tomorrow to produce a read/write version of their output so that the rest of the group can share their input (yes, we’re talking about post-it notes and markers). For example, Kristin worked with a group that drafted 10 articles (inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) for the future Responsible Resource Manifesto.

We look forward to figuring out how to package and share what we’ve come up with here at #RDFbuda, but in the meantime we’re signing off for a night of Hungarian food and awesome conversation. More tomorrow!

Update 13:00


The participants split up into smaller groups to plan and start tackling a list of concrete responsible data outputs, such as:

  • Sensitivity ranking system
  • Framework on consent
  • Resource creator manifesto

And many more (10 in total, to be precise)

Update 11:00


The Responsible Data Sprint has started! With more than fifty keenly insightful individuals from all over the world, the responsible data community dove into collaboratively defining the two-day agenda.

After presentations, the group participated in a knowledge farmers’ market, providing their experience in methodologies, resources, stories and voices. Some of the example

The market was followed by a collective sourcing of expectations and outcomes, which then inform and shape the rest of the day’s activities.

Stay tuned!

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