Posted 27 July, 2012 by Susannah Vila

Technology in Advocacy Round Up

In such a fast moving field it’s often hard to keep up with new tools, research and activities that are worth following. Here are few stories that caught our attention recently.

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The Mobile Learning Toolkit, at 98-pages, contains 15 mobile learning methods divided into 4 categories that trainers can choose from depending on their needs. Are you trainer focusing on mobile? Looking to deliver content? Assign tasks? Gather feedback? Provide support to participants? Check out this guide.

These 6 Simple Guidelines for ICT4D Project Success from ICTWorks have a lot of applicability to advocacy initiatives – take a look.

Check out Visual Anonymity and YouTube’s New Blurring Tool at the WITNESS blog. This move by YouTube is a great step forward for the community of video advocacy supporters and practitioners.

Have you seen the Access Innovation Prize? They are looking to support actionable ideas for how information technology can promote and enable human rights or deliver a social good outcome.

The emergency response hotline launched by Digital Democracy in partnership with local Hatian org KOFAVIV has now gone 24-7. Read more at their blog.

On their blog, Small World News explains the work they are doing to support citizen media production in Libya. By going “beyond training,” they write, the SWN team in Libya will “[encourage] a bootcamp, on-the-job style experience,  trainees will learn theory that is quickly informed by practice.”

Check out this video of a talk by Sami Ben Gharbia for a great refresher on the dynamics of media and political mobilization in Tunisia.

That’s what we’ve been looking at. Spot anything we didn’t? Tweet at us!


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