Posted 22 July, 2013 by Susannah Vila

The Engine Room Featured at Rising Voices

Rising Voices focuses on empowering underrepresented communities to make their voices heard online by providing microgrants, tutorials for using participatory media, and cultivating a network of citizen media activists to help encourage and support the replication of outreach trainings. This year they are focusing on the role that physical spaces play in spurring online participation and connecting activists to one another. This week they featured our organization and our Social Tech Census tool. Here’s an excerpt:

Following the ousting of president Hosni Mubarak, the Tahrir Data Project was launched in 2011 to gather information on how individuals participating in the Egyptian revolution used media. It was (and is) an ongoing effort to provide data which can support a discussion on how media plays a role in the Egyptian revolution.

Susannah Vila, co-founder of the engine room, noted that this project showed a gap between advocates looking to integrate technology into their work and people with the resources to assist them in doing so. In order to understand more about this gap, and to work towards closing it, the group started “mapping the existing ecosystem of resources.” That in turn became the Social Tech Census.

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