Posted 14 February, 2013 by Christopher Wilson

TechScape Indicator Description

TechScape Indicator Description

TechScape indicators are drawn from nominal data recorded in the assessment process and then adjusted on the basis of qualitative data and general trends presented by the overall assessment. The indicators are not intended to be definitive or authoritative, but help to provide a snapshot of an organization’s relationship to technology, focusing on the utility of a variety of tools and strategies, the organization’s capacity to engage with technology, and challenges posed to effective technology use by internal and external factors.

Indicators are first calculated from nominal data and on individual scales spanning up to 70 points. They are then normalized to a standard 11pt scale and adjusted according to qualitative analysis.

All TechScape Indicators range from 0-10, with higher numbers indicating a greater utility, capacity and challenge, respectively.

This document describes each indicator in detail, identifying its Object (what it is intended to indicate), Source (the specific indicators and interview questions on which it is built) and Quantitative Scale (the minimum and maximum score before normalization).