Posted 18 March, 2012 by Alix Dunn

Wanted: Research Assistant (paid)

Research Assistant: Global Mapping of Tech Resources for Advocacy

Duration of Work: 20-30 days, between March and June 2012Desired Start Date: 15 March 2012

Location: Home-based

Payment: Daily rate based on experience and qualifications. Lump sum payment on completion.

Contact: Apply to with a CV and brief introduction. Writing samples, references & questions also welcome.

The engine room is looking for a part time research assistant to help build the Social Tech Census. The Census will be an interactive and comprehensive data base of resources available to advocates using technology, as well as an influence map tracking relationships between organizations in the field. The research assistant will be primarily responsible for contextualizing, structuring and organizing Census data in coordination with team members responsible for data collection and visualization.

We’re looking for a digital native who is used to finding what is hard to find on the internet, and is interested enough in digital advocacy and social movements to plug data into a form for several hours day. Sources of frustration during data collection will include languages you do not speak and websites that do not work; the payoff will be a uniquely comprehensive and hands-on familiarity with this highly dynamic and quickly evolving field. On the basis of this familiarity, the research assistant will produce briefs and light analysis to guide the development of the Census interface, and will be encouraged (though not required) to write on the results, on the engine room blog and other fora.

A background in journalism, social science or other research-heavy field is an asset, but is not required, as is experience working virtually in distributed teams. Enthusiasm for desk work and the ability to following instructions and meet deadlines are required. Initiative and self-direction will make the whole affair more fun.

Tasks and Deliverables include the following:

  • Conduct desk research and data entry on tech resources for advocacy
  • Review, aggregate and wash data submitted to the Social Tech Census
  • Follow up with census respondents for additional information or clarification
  • Prepare briefs and reports on specific issues related to Census data as requested
  • Regular participation in team meetings

Recommended Skills and Competencies:

  • Familiarity with online surveys and spreadsheets
  • Demonstrated attention to detail and ability to efficiently organize and manage large amounts of information subject for use by, and presentation to team
  • Strong writing skills in both web and analytical styles
  • Experience researching and/or analyzing social movements, advocacy or civil society
  • Familiarity with the theme of technology use in advocacy
  • Proven ability to manage own workflows, meet deadlines and report on progress.
  • Ability to work flexibly and efficiently in a decentralized team through email, skype and other online project management tools
  • Competency in multiple languages is an advantage

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Rauf Ahmed Shams Malick says:

I am interested in such work, as I have substantial background of research and love to accept challenges accross the desciplines. I am involved in SNA since last 4 years.


Thanks for your interest, Rauf. Please send your CV to

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