Posted 7 April, 2022 by Marwa Abayed

We’re hiring! Our team is looking for a Sysadmin Support Consultant and an Organisational Security Consultant 

Deadline extended to 20 April, 2022!

Technology is changing a lot about how our world works, including the ways in which civil society can hold power to account, build collaborations and mobilise data to push for social justice. At The Engine Room, we work with civil society partners–from big humanitarian organisations to small activist collectives–to build their technical intuition and support them in making better judgments about the role tech and data can play in their work. 

We are looking for a Sysadmin Support Consultant and an Organisational Security Consultant to join our team.

About the roles

  • The Sysadmin Support Consultant will support the management of The Engine Room’s IT infrastructure, providing tech and strategic support to The Engine Room staff, and, upon request, providing technical support on external projects. Our ideal candidate has experience with server and cloud infrastructure management, implementation and maintenance of open source tools, monitoring and maintenance of WordPress websites and documenting technical processes. They have strong support skills, especially when providing support and advice to people with varying technical skill levels, and fluency in mail encryption using Thunderbird and PGP keys. Read the job description in full to learn more.

  • The Organisational Security Consultant will coordinate with and provide support to the Resilient Infrastructures Manager and technical project managers, provide support to our organisational security-related projects, contribute to our Light Touch Support offer to partners as needed and more. Our ideal candidate has 5+ years experience in research and training in topics related to encryption, password managers, two-factor authentication, and social media security, as well as experience helping people build and understand threat models for themselves and their function or role within an organisation. They are familiar with cybersecurity concepts, including social engineering, common tactics, techniques and procedures. They have an ability to propose and write protocols and guides to strengthen the digital security of the organisation and its partners and to conduct risk assessments and create risk matrixes for civil society organisations. Read the job description in full to learn more.

Why work with us?

We put a lot of effort into creating a healthy, remote organisation, and we believe that caring about our team’s wellbeing is a political act. Our team members are curious, open and supportive of each other. We are critical optimists about the role technology and data can have in the push for social justice. At The Engine Room, we consider diversity to be a competency. We actively seek new perspectives, experiences and voices in our team and in our work. Our organisation prioritises empathy, respect, flexibility, fun and a healthy work-life balance.  

How to apply

Applications must be received via the Breezy platform (linked below!); submissions received via email will not be considered. In the interest of equity and efficiency, we ask people to look at our  Jobs page as well as our Job Application Process FAQs if they have questions, would like an overview of our recruitment process, or need information on what it is like to work at The Engine Room.

The deadline for applications for both positions has been extended to Wednesday, April 20, 2022, midnight Eastern Time. You can expect to hear from us about the status of your application within 3 weeks after the applications submission deadline. 

Keep an eye out for another exciting opportunity with The Engine Room

Interested in working with us but don’t think these positions are right for you? Make sure you take a look at our blog in the next few weeks to check upcoming opportunities.

Image credit: Tim Mossholder via Unsplash.

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