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Where Are The Best Tech Resources For Global Civil Society?

Click here to head straight the Social Tech Census survey

The engine room, a tech-for-advocacy consultancy, is working with Oxfam Novib to catalog every organization, meetup, event and community that supports advocacy movements with technology questions.

The problem: we know support resources exist, but on this fast moving, context-dependent issue, who is the most relevant and trustworthy for you? We’re answering that with a directory (where you will be able to search for local or issue specific resources) but going further than just contact information to add information on reputation and relevance.

To do that, we need input from people like you.

First to take the survey and then to spread the word about it to your peers.

Things you can do that are helpful:

  • Forward the survey to your coworkers
  • Post about it on your blog
  • Share the link — — on Twitter, Facebook and other networks
  • Email it to friends and allies

We’re making it super easy by providing quotable language.

For blogs, quote this:

The engine room’s Social Tech Census launched this week with the goal of identifying and mapping every organization, project, event and community that provides technology support for social advocacy groups worldwide. Help make sure the Social Tech Census is as good as possible (and reflects your own experiences and work) by filling out a one page survey. We will be accepting new entries until May 1st.

Sharing the link to the survey — — to your personal networks is a simple, high impact way to support this effort.

For Twitter/Facebook/etc, share this:

Do you work in advocacy? Do you use a computer? If so, take this survey so we can have better tools.

Thanks for your help! Stay tuned as the results start to come in – we’ll be posting them regularly on this blog.

Here’s that link to the survey again: 

2 thoughts on “Where Are The Best Tech Resources For Global Civil Society?”

International Union of Parents and Teachers Association says:

We support advocacy movements with technology questions in schools, rural areas and communities.
We seek your cooperation to boost the above mentioned areas environment through citizen media outreach to encourage a real democracy in these areas. It’s to assist these people on how to use machines as computers for internet research.

Norman Wai says:

Hi everyone in the engine room. Im Norman Wai from Papua New Guinea in the pacific. We are categorised as a third world country or developing nation. It is sad that most of our organisations existing here dont have websites or blogs although we are fully volunteering ourselves to be the tools and hands or advocators for social changes and improvements to help our country to achieve common goals like the MTDS or Vision 2050 as our country set.
As for myself I have been strugling to operate my organisation and set up links like the rising voices some 5 years ago as I was interested with all its programs. However, Iwas disadvantaged of most tech part like doing up a blog or similar activities.
To tell the truth most of my time I have seen opportunities given to organisations world wide by rising voices, however, Idont seem to meet most of their requirements and wished if would have the right skills to meet the requirements so that my organisation would fully achieve all its aims and objectives in working with young people.
Is there any possibilities of supporting interested orgnisations like mine is, Foundation for Young Peoole Inc. PNG to gain further trainings to further and equip us to to do something beyond or advance like the rest of the world?
Thank you.

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