Application FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on The Engine Room’s recruitment, selection and hiring processes.

There are currently multiple vacancies – can I apply for more than one? If so, how? 

Yes, applicants may apply to any openings for which they feel that they are a fit. To apply for multiple roles, please submit two separate applications. We ask that you do this because we have different hiring teams for each role and usually ask different application questions depending on the role.

Why do your job posts show up as being based in specific locations?

In part, our posts show up in specific locations because most job boards require organisations to choose a location. We take this as an opportunity to rotate the location where the job is listed in order to appear in a diverse set of applicants’ job searches around the world. Not everyone is on the lookout for a remote working opportunity, so if we don’t include a location we could miss out on great candidates who might not otherwise spot our vacancies.

How do you work and build a strong organisational culture when you are entirely remote?

There are aspects of remote work that make communications, coordination and team-building more difficult. That said, it also has its advantages. One thing the constraint of working virtually has helped us to do is to do is to be extremely intentional about the systems we use. We want our systems to be strategic, efficient and to promote well-being. We use these criteria to think about how we design policies, store information, communicate internally and with partners, coordinate and assign tasks to each other, maintain an overview of each other’s work, check in on how people are doing, and more. You can read more of our thoughts in our blog posts about embracing complexity and building a healthy remote organisation.

Do you have any advice for how to stand out amongst a crowd of candidates?

What we look for in candidates varies depending on the role, but the following are a few things we look for in all applicants (we imagine that most other organisations are interested in seeing these, too):

  • Passion for what you do or want to do. Passion is infectious and it’s even more critical in a remote environment. Whether you express your passion loudly or more subtly, if you enjoy geeking out about your job (regardless of what it is), then you’ll fit right in with us.
  • Proactivity and attention to detail. At The Engine Room we work quickly and remotely. Everyone on our team has to be proactive, clear, thorough and detail-oriented. We look for candidates who complete steps according to the instructions, read through information already provided before asking questions and answer required questions clearly.
  • Interest in this job and this organisation specifically. Searching for jobs is difficult and time-consuming, which means that we unfortunately get qualified applicants who may not take the extra time required to prepare for this specific application and recruitment process. What will help you stand out is if you give us a sense of what excites you and why you think you’re a good fit for a particular role at The Engine Room. Help us see how you’re going to bring your experience, passion and smarts to the specific work you do with us!
  • Commitment to the same values. Our mission is one grounded in social justice. We hire people who are best placed to help us advance in our mission, specifically those who are open, curious, supportive, empathetic, kind and accountable.

I would like to know more about a role or what it’s like to work at The Engine Room. Could I speak with someone on the team? 

Unfortunately, no. At The Engine Room we believe in both equity and efficient processes. We do our best to provide applicants with information on the openings, recruitment process and organisational culture upfront. In the interest of fairness and due to limited time, we limit calls from potential candidates and instead ask those interested to review the information already available to determine whether or not they are interested in applying. It’s important to us that people who have a first- or second-degree connection to someone who is at The Engine Room or knows us well, do not have an unfair advantage over others who may not have those existing connections.