The Engine Room is a non-profit organisation with a distributed global team of experienced and committed activists, researchers, technologists and community organisers.

Our vision is for social justice movements to use technology and data in safe, responsible and strategic ways, while actively mitigating the vulnerabilities created by digital systems.

The Engine Room is a 501(c)(3) registered charity in the United States. We were founded in 2011.


All original material on The Engine Room website can be freely distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution  Share-Alike License, unless otherwise noted.

There is no need to ask permission to post original Engine Room material on a mailing list, use an Engine Room logo to point to us on your web site, or reprint an Engine Room statement in a media article. Permission to do these things is explicitly granted. Redistributing all material that is not original to The Engine Room may require permission from the copyright holder.

If you redistribute something you got from our site, we would appreciate it if you state where the file originated and link to us, so that people can get more info or updated versions.






Cross-posting our blogs

We are more than happy for you to cross-post our blogs on your site – just mention that it’s a cross-post at the top of the page, include the necessary credits, and please let us know about it.