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We are a distributed global team of experienced and committed activists, researchers, technologists and community organisers.

You can learn more about working with us below and on our application process FAQ (frequently asked questions) page


We’re currently looking for a Resilient IT Infrastructures Associate

More information can be found in our job application form.  Please use this form to apply before 10 August, 2023.



Since we’re a remote organisation, applicants can be based anywhere in the world between the time zones of UTC-5 to UTC+5. We encourage individuals from all areas of the world, backgrounds, experiences and identities to apply.

You will likely enjoy and thrive working with us if:



The Engine Room is a global, fully-remote team based across four continents and we consider diversity to be a competency. We actively seek a range of perspectives, experiences and voices in all areas of our team and in our work. Our organisation prioritises empathy, respect, humility, flexibility, fun and a healthy work-life balance. We don’t have a physical office anywhere.

Some advantages to working with us include:

  • Working with a passionate, smart and kind global team on meaningful work.
  • An organisational culture that promotes work-life balance and internal growth.
  • Competitive salaries based on an equitable and transparent compensation structure.
  • A generous paid time off policy, including vacation time, office-wide closures, and health leave (for yourself and caretaking responsibilities).
  • You can work remotely.


When applying to an open position, please use the links provided in the job posting above. Incomplete applications or applications submitted via email will not be considered. 

Please refer to our frequently asked questions page if any questions arise. If your questions are not answered there, contact our Human Resources Manager, Marwa: marwa[at]

For core team positions (non-consultancy or project-based work) the recruitment process is:

  1. Within 2-4 weeks after an application deadline, we notify candidates whether or not they will advance to the next round of the recruitment process.
  2. We invite selected candidates to introductory calls.
  3. After introductory calls are complete, we invite shortlisted candidates to interview with our HR Manager and one or more other colleagues.
  4. Occasionally we will request candidates in the final rounds to complete an assignment.
  5. Lastly, for finalists we conduct reference checks before making a final selection.

We aim for our recruitment process to provide both our team and candidates the opportunity to gain insight into whether or not they are a fit for the role. Because of this in-depth process, the time between the submission of an application and our extension of an offer to the successful candidate may take several weeks.