Intensive Support

Through our Matchbox programme, we offer support to selected organisations in Latin America and Africa on tech/ data projects or strategies.

Becoming a Matchbox Partner

We invite Matchbox applications from organisations in Latin America and Africa after they have engaged with our Light-touch Support programme (LiTS). 

Once your organisation has engaged with our Light Touch Support multiple times, and we collaboratively agree that the work could be a  potential fit for more intensive, Matchbox-style support, we propose an exploratory call to discuss Matchbox partnership possibilities. 

Read more on how and why we changed our Matchbox selection process in 2022

Who we have worked with

Since 2013, we have partnered with ten teams in Latin America and Sub Saharan Africa. The issues these groups were working on include digitising politicians’ expenses to combat corruption, applying technology to access water services, tracking police violence, and more.    

In previous Matchbox partnerships, we’ve worked with: 

How to get support

If your organisation is interested in getting support from The Engine Room, please schedule a Light Touch Support call with us and we can take things from there.