Research Consultancies

Practical evidence and recommendations around using tech and data in the context of social justice.

A research consultancy can start with a question

We can support you to answer questions about how data or technology is being used, or how it could be used, in specific contexts. We love to explore questions and draw out important insights that others can learn from too.

You don’t need to know the exact shape you’d like the consultancy to take before you approach us!

In our research, we:

  • Conduct desk research and interviews.
  • Work closely with in-country researchers.
  • Draw upon our experience providing support in diverse contexts.
  • Always make sure we’re not replicating harmful narratives that bolster systems of oppression.

Once we start working together, we develop a plan that is tailored to you and your context.

We develop a plan with you, tailored to you and your context.

Past research projects

Much of the research we have done has emerged from consultancy partnerships. In collaboration with our partners, we publish our findings publicly wherever possible – you can find these in our library.