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Collaborating to monitor abuse of power: why it matters and how it can be done

Paola Mosso

In the past few years, Latin America has been hit hard with corruption scandals.The alarming Lava Jato scandal revealed how companies used networks of offshore entities across the region to launder money and fund bribes. In Peru alone, the Odebrecht company confirmed to the US Department of Justice that they made corrupt payments to Peruvian […]

Project update

DatNav now available in Arabic

Zara Rahman

We’re thrilled to announce that DatNav, our guide to help navigate and integrate digital data into human rights research, is now available in Arabic, thanks to the support and hard work of Meedan. Translated in Arabic as داتناف , DatNav is the result of a collaboration between Amnesty International, Benetech, and The Engine Room, together […]