Come to our AMA (Ask Me Anything): responsible data and social justice edition

Barbara Paes

On Thursday, June 1, we’re hosting our first ever video-conference AMA (ask me – us – anything)! From 5-6pm CET, members of our team will gather in a video conference to answer your questions about responsible data. 

Responsible data refers to our collective duty to prioritise and respond to the ethical, legal, social and privacy-related challenges that come from using data in advocacy and social justice work. 

At The Engine Room, we work with social justice organisations to ensure that their use of tech and data is safe, responsible and strategic. In our day-to-day, we help our partners assess and mitigate the potential risks and consequences of using data for their work, while continuing to do the exciting, relevant work they do

For this AMA, we’re inviting social justice organisers who have questions about using data for social justice work. This can include practical questions like:  

  • What is responsible data and how can I put it in action in my organisation?
  • How can we responsibly manage and store the data we already have? 
  • How can we tell stories with data?
  • What are some responsible data best practices for research projects? 
  • What are some strategies and tools that can help us manage data and keep it safe?


Our “Ask Us Anything” session is happening on Thursday, June 1, starting 5pm CET. Our team members – experienced and committed activists, researchers and technologists – will be available to answer your questions! 

If you’re unable to attend but would still like to get support from our team, learn more about our work and get in touch to explore ways to work together.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski via Unsplash.