Community call: Dreams of a collective infrastructure for information ecosystems in Latin America 

Barbara Paes

Join our next community call for a discussion about the kinds of infrastructures we need to collectively create a better flow of creation, distribution and reception of information in Latin America. 

This call is part of our project exploring how to build healthier and more robust information ecosystems in the region (Cristina shared some updates from our research and inspirations for this event here!).

We’ll meet on March 05, at 10am Mexico City, 11am Lima, 1pm Buenos Aires. We’ll be joined by inspiring speakers Amarilys Llanos, from Movimiento Cesar sin Fracking y Sin Gas in Colombia, Nina Vieira, curator at Juízas Negras Para Ontem in Brazil, Melquiades (Kiado) Cruz, from INDIGITAL Initiative in Mexico, Isapi Rúa from Red Chaco in Bolivia and Oscar Parra from Rutas del Conflicto in Colombia.  

During the call, we’ll discuss:

  • How are you or the communities you’re working with facing these material, funding, connectivity and accessibility limitations?  
  • What kind of support do you or the communities you’re working with need in terms of public policies, partnerships, data and technology?  (The Engine Room is offering tech and data support to organisations).
  • And finally, how can we think about these problems not as ‘individual challenges’, but as collective ones? 

Interested organisations, journalists and activists from the region are welcome and can register below to join. Note: This event will be held in Spanish and Portuguese (we will have an interpreter who will be translating both Spanish to Portuguese, and Portuguese to Spanish). 

If you are unable to attend, but would still like to learn more about this project and tell us about your perspectives and initiatives on this issue, please contact