Now out: Read our 2023 Impact Report

The Engine Room

2023 was a year in which we provided targeted strategic support for a record 85 partners, published 3 research reports, piloted a successful cohort learning programme, established new ways of working and created new organisational structures that set up our work for 2024 and into the future.

Some of what we’re most proud of accomplishing last year includes:

  1. Establishing a co-leadership model that aligns with our values and has led us to two co-leaders from the majority world.
  2. Re-establishing and centring our regional work & relationships in Latin America and deepened our partnerships in Africa.
  3. Strengthening the connection between our research and the leaders and communities we partner with, focusing on producing evidence and knowledge that’s practical and useful locally.
  4. Becoming more resilient as an organisation by creating greater equity and transparency in our approaches to organisational target-setting, budgeting, compensation, performance and growth, project management, and team structure.

Browse through the report below, download it here, or read it online here.
Design and illustrations: La Propia Agencia