Meet the team

We’re a diverse, passionate group of nomads. As a team we have expertise in everything from information activism to responsible data to inclusive facilitation.

Julia Keseru
Executive Director (on medical leave)
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Julia is an activist with an incurable crush on civil society and humanity at large. Coming from the Hungarian transparency community, she has been an advocate for government openness with a special focus on corruption and a passion for finding out what motivates people on the individual level. Prior to joining the Engine Room, Julia was leading the international work of the Sunlight Foundation. She regularly speaks and writes about the challenges and potential of using technology for social change activism, and when she doesn’t geek out about work, she loves watching her daughter play.

Julia leads on fundraising, strategy and organisational development.

Zara Rahman
Executive Director (Acting)
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Zara is a researcher, writer and linguist who is interested in the intersection of power, technology and social justice. Her past work included campaigning for an access to information law in Spain, investigating the impact of open data in the extractive industries in the Middle East, and supporting data literacy efforts with civil society and journalists across the world with School of Data. She was a 2016/17 fellow at Data & Society, and is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at digitalHKS at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Zara oversees team-wide programmatic implementation, designs and implements programmatic strategies and supports the Executive Director.


Anneke Victorica
People Lead
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Anneke is a lawyer-turned-human resources aficionado who loves women’s rights and tango. Prior to moving to Barcelona where she is based, she worked at international civil society organizations on issues of human rights, transparency and accountability, and judicial corruption. She is now developing and improving systems and policies around hiring, development,  compensation and benefits, and the team’s overall well-being.

Anneke acts as People Lead, managing relationships within The Engine Room to ensure the organisation is a happy, healthy and effective place to work.


Lesedi Bewlay
Technical Engagement Coordinator
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Lesedi has a background in computer science and non-governmental organizations and has a strong interest in social change. He is also interested in data science, platform development and working with passionate people. Previously, Lesedi co-founded Positive Innovations for the Next Generation, an N.G.O. which focuses on youth, health and technology and more recently he founded Tau Technology with the aim to create innovative, scalable and sustainable technology solutions in resource limited settings. At the Engine Room Lesedi continues his exploration of ways in which tech can help kickstart or improve projects and processes and ultimately change people’s lives.

Lesedi coordinates the Light Touch Support Program. This program provides pro-bono expertise, advice and recommendations to organizations who need help with various aspects of their projects or internal processes.


Paola Mosso
Co-Deputy Director (Acting)
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Paola is a feminist Chilean journalist who promotes responsible and effective engagement with tech and data. Through the years, she has worked at Poderomedia Foundation, leading the organization’s training program for Latin American journalists, designers and developers, and she coordinated the community behind the Influence Mapping project, an international group supporting activists to map power networks. She supports the tech and data initiatives of emerging and well-established organisations that fight for social justice, and works closely with with sexual & reproductive rights activists.

Paola oversees The Engine Room’s organisational security portfolio, designing and managing security support to partners and helping the team implement healthy internal security practices, and supports partners on their data and technology projects.


Laura Guzmán
Co-Deputy Director (Acting)
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Laura is a curious learner and communicator fascinated by technology, international development and grammar rules. Before joining The Engine Room, Laura worked as a consultant to mission-driven organisations, as the Editorial Director of a social enterprise in India, and as program coordinator at the Information Program of Open Society Foundations. You can usually find Laura running around outside, exploring the nooks and crannies of the world or adopting new hobbies.

Laura leads the engagement team at The Engine Room, finding the best ways to distill and share our research, creating new ways of building knowledge externally and managing our communications channels.


Paola Verhaert
Knowledge Manager
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Paola is a Belgian-Peruvian historian, writer and creative coder. Paola joined The Engine Room in 2016, after having worked as a journalist, as a researcher at various universities and as a UX designer at Amnesty International. In her spare time, she plays rugby, supports local trade unions with documentation and annoys her friends with NBA trivia.

Paola is the organisation’s librarian and archivist, guiding the team towards a more strategic, intentional and collaborative production of knowledge.


Black and white photo of Sara Baker

Sara Baker
Learning and Development Manager
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Sara is a feminist activist and writer with a background in gender and technology. Before joining The Engine Room, she worked for the Association for Progressive Communications as the global coordinator of Take Back the Tech!, for the YWCA as the director of women’s advocacy and as a nonprofit consultant and trainer. You can usually find her outside gardening organically, reading fiction and chasing ideas.

Sara manages individual & team learning and monitoring & evaluation, and she coordinates fundraising and reporting.


Helen Kilbey
Editorial Manager
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Helen is an editor and content developer who likes making complex subjects accessible to a wider audience. In recent years she has worked on a variety of materials related to the internet, data and society, including guides, learning resources and curricula, and she has also facilitated workshops and trainings. In her off hours, Helen likes to be outside – preferably near trees or water – or settled into a chair with a cup of coffee and a good book.

At The Engine Room, Helen manages research projects and supports the organisation’s engagement work.


Nthabiseng Mokoena
Regional Support Team Lead
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Nthabiseng is a social justice activist who likes organising, community systems strengthening, monitoring and evaluation, digital media and all things human rights. Previously, Nthabiseng worked with the AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA), focusing on health, human rights and legal reform in Southern and East Africa. In their spare time, Nthabiseng enjoys long hikes and reading African fiction.

Nthabi manages The Engine Room’s regional direct support projects.


Bárbara Paes
Community Engagement Manager
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Bárbara is a Brazilian activist and researcher who is interested in exploring how technology and data can help us achieve social justice. She has worked defending the right to public information and transparency, advocating for open government, supporting women’s rights and mobilizing against racism and online abuse. Bárbara co-founded Minas Programam, an initiative designed to share knowledge about technology with girls and women from São Paulo. She enjoys running and reading.

At The Engine Room, Bárbara contributes to partner support work and engagement projects.

São Paulo

Cathy Richards
Technical Project Manager
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Cathy is interested in the intersection between data, technology and humanity. Prior to joining the Engine Room, Cathy worked at GitLab Inc. and Keystone Accountability as a data analyst. She has led and supported projects on a range of issues, from youth employment focused initiatives to rule of law and international health. In her spare time, she enjoys playing capoeira, hoarding books, and saying hello to all the dogs.

Cathy manages and supports The Engine Room’s technology and data projects.

New York City

Teresa Perosa
Research Manager
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Teresa is a writer and researcher based in Brazil. She worked for six years as a journalist covering world affairs based in her hometown of São Paulo. Her interests include transformative and participatory methodologies, gender in policy and international governance, privacy and surveillance, and post colonial and critical theories. She is a big fan of bodies of water, Mike Schur shows and reading.

At The Engine Room, Teresa works on designing, supporting and conducting research projects.

São Paulo

Joshua Sehoole
Sub-Saharan Regional Support Manager
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Joshua is interested in working with activists across different contexts to find holistic solutions to the injustices in the world. He has expertise in working with regional and global human rights mechanisms, and experience in media advocacy and capacity strengthening. Before joining our team, Joshua was Advocacy and Programs Manager at Iranti. When he’s not engaged at synagogue, you can find him experimenting in the kitchen, hiking and enjoying nature, spending time with friends and family, or working towards his dream of living off the land.

Joshua manages The Engine Room’s regional support projects across Sub-Saharan Africa.


Quito Tsui
Research Coordinator
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Quito is fascinated with narratives and the stories we tell ourselves about our histories, communities and the possibilities of the future. Prior to the Engine Room, Quito worked in transitional justice and international criminal law, and conducted research at Stanford University, the University of Cambridge and the LSE. She cares deeply about technology in the context of conflict and humanitarian organisations, and the development of a technological environment rooted in human rights.

Quito is part of the research and learning team, helping to design and conduct research projects.


Shin Renn
Operations Lead
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Shin is an operations strategist, facilitator and trainer with over two decades of experience in social justice campaigning, organizational change and grassroots community organizing. Shin is dedicated to strengthening organisational systems by integrating policies and practices rooted in anti-oppression. Prior to joining The Engine Room, Shin worked in the HIV/AIDS and global health, refugee and immigrant rights, and LGBTQ rights movements. In their spare time, Shin loves to be outdoors, especially near large bodies of water with a boat or a board.

Shin leads The Engine Room’s operations, with a focus on weaving in policies and processes that are human-centred and rooted in anti-oppression.


Steffania Paola
Resilient IT Infrastructure Manager
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Steffania is a Brazilian feminist activist. Before joining The Engine Room, she collaborated with various human rights organizations around the world in different roles such as: technology consultant, web developer, system administrator, project manager, researcher, UX/UI designer and digital security trainer. In 2016-2017 she was FORD-Mozilla Open Web fellow at ONG Derechos Digitales (Chile). She is co-founder of the feminist server Cl4ndestina and part of the Ciberseguras network and the Transfeminist digital care network. She loves swimming in open water and cycling around town. She also enjoys visiting museums and contemporary art exhibitions.

At The Engine Room, Steffania manages the organization’s technical infrastructure and provides technical support for the team and for external projects.

Rio de Janeiro

Carolina Hadad
Technical Project Manager
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Carolina is thrilled to apply her background in technology to social change work. Before joining The Engine Room, she worked as a developer, as a team manager in the Open Data office in the Argentina Government and as a Program Manager in Fundación Huésped’s Innovation Lab. She co-founded a feminist NGO to empower teenage girls with technology tools and is proud to see the organisation’s growth in other parts of Latin America. She recently published a creative commons-licensed book on women scientists called Científicas de Acá. She is a mother to an awesome boy.

Caro manages and supports The Engine Room’s technology and data projects.

Buenos Aires