Meet the team

We’re a diverse, passionate group of nomads. As a team we have expertise in everything from information activism to responsible data to inclusive facilitation.

Alix Dunn
Executive Director and Co-Founder
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Alix is a recovering researcher with a passion for applying creative solutions to difficult problems. She is a hunter and gatherer, identifying data and technology strategies that can empower social change initiatives around the world to maximise their impact and make the most of their resources. She co-founded The Engine Room and leads it to be a nimble organisation that provides direct support where, when, and how initiatives need it. She sits on the board of HURIDOCS, and the Technology Advisory Council of Amnesty International. She plays a mean game of chess.

Alix leads organizational development, strategy, and fundraising.


Roz Zavras
Operations Director
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Roz is an operations wiz with a passion for crunching numbers, tech for development, and horseback riding. Before joining The Engine Room, she was a recovering diplomat and the Operations and Finance Director for Spark MicroGrants. She now brings her love for operations to The Engine Room, expanding the operational platform to further support and accelerate the Room’s ability to generate impact.

Roz leads the development and management of operational processes and procedures across all projects and teams.

New York

Nicole Anand
Director of Strategy and Learning
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Nicole is a political economist and avid strategic thinker who loves all types of cultural exchange. Prior to The Engine Room, she pursued her passion for public sector innovation and international development at organisations including Reboot, Global Integrity, and OneWorld Foundation India. She brings her love for designing new ways of solving problems to the The Engine Room.

Nicole focuses on growing organizational impact through leading the development of strategic learning systems.

New York

Anneke Victorica
Human Resources Lead
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Anneke is a lawyer-turned-human resources aficionado who loves women’s rights and tango. Prior to moving to Barcelona where she is based, she worked at international civil society organizations on issues of human rights, transparency and accountability, and judicial corruption. She is now developing and improving systems and policies around hiring, development, conflict management, compensation and benefits, and the team’s overall well-being.

Anneke acts as Human Resources Director, managing relationships within The Engine Room to ensure the organisation is a happy, healthy and effective place to work.


Tin Geber
Design and Technology Lead
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Tin has a background in media theory, experiential learning, and web development. He wishes to simplify the relationship between technology, data, and human beings. After working with the International Land Coalition on introducing technology to global land rights accountability projects, Tin found his natural home in The Engine Room in 2014. He loves solving puzzles, finding patterns, and identifying the right components of a well-told story for social change.

Tin acts as a Design and Technology Lead managing aspects of creative communication, design, and technology across projects and programs.


Maya Richman
Techno Queen
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Maya is an interdisciplinary technologist, researcher and improvisational electronic musician based in Berlin. In 2012, she worked with Development Seed, building websites and interactive maps. Later, she worked as a research assistant for Gabriella Coleman investigating the politics of hackers, and as a radio show host for a feminist, artist-run centre. She is now working with organizations of all sizes to influence their security culture, in addition to managing and developing new internal tech processes for a distributed organization.

Maya acts as The Engine Room’s Techno Queen supporting communication, research, and technology process and intersections between them.


Julia Keseru
Global Matchbox Lead
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Prior to joining The Engine Room, Julia led the international work of the Sunlight Foundation. Coming from the Hungarian transparency community, she has been an advocate for open government and open data issues with a special focus on political finance and corruption. Julia has spoken internationally on technology and transparency and regularly writes about the challenges and the potential of the global open government movement.

Julia leads the Matchbox Program, supporting partners to bring about positive change, and building a network of experts and social change instigators.


Anca Matioc
Latin American Regional Lead
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Anca has worked in the open government and civic tech space as a community organizer with civil society groups around the world. She has spent the last four years at Chilean NGO Ciudadano Inteligente where she directed the regional open data initiative Desarrollando America Latina and co-founded AbreLatAm, the Latin American open data un-conference. Anca is interested in community organizing, in strengthening the technical – and political – capacity of civil society groups, and donor trends in the space.

Anca is the regional coordinator in Latin America for The Engine Room’s Matchbox project.

New York

Lesedi Bewlay
Matchbox Research Manager
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Lesedi in an entrepreneur with a background in computer science, non-governmental organizations and a strong interest in social change. In 2009, Lesedi co-founded Positive Innovations for the Next Generation, an N.G.O. which focuses on youth, health and technology with an emphasis on the usage of mobile technology to reach vulnerable youth. In 2013, Lesedi founded Tau Technology with the aim to create innovative, scalable and sustainable solutions for emerging markets and resource limited settings. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.A.

Lesedi is the Matchbox Research Manager for The Engine Room’s Matchbox project.


Paola Mosso
Matchbox Communications Manager
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Paola is a feminist Chilean journalist who promotes transparency and accountability through engagement with tech and data. Most recently, she worked at the Poderomedia Foundation, leading the organization’s training program for Latin American journalists, designers and developers. Paola is also the community coordinator of Influence Mapping, an international group who support activists to map power networks. She now works engaging with organizations that fight for social change to support them on their tech and data initiatives.

Paola supports The Engine Room’s Matchbox projects with communications and community building.


Zara Rahman
Research Lead
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Zara is a researcher, writer and linguist who is interested in the intersection of power, culture and technology. She has worked in over twenty countries in the field of information accessibility and data use among civil society. She was the first employee at OpenOil, looking into open data in the extractive industries, then worked for Open Knowledge, working with School of Data on data literacy for journalists and civil society. She now works with communities and organisations to help understand how new uses of data can responsibly strengthen their work.

Zara leads research, documentation, and storytelling projects that address the needs of partners and engine room strategic priorities.


Tom Walker
Research Lead
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Tom started out writing and editing for newspapers, consultancies and think tanks on topics including politics and corruption in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, then moved into designing and managing election-related projects in countries including Myanmar, Bangladesh, Rwanda and Bolivia. After getting interested in what data and technology could add in those areas and elsewhere, he made a beeline for The Engine Room. Tom is trying to read all of the Internet, but mostly spends his time picking out useful resources and trends for organisations using technology in their work.

Tom leads research, documentation, and aggregation projects that address the needs of partners and strategic priorities.


Alan Zard
Techno Gardener
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Alan has been building websites and web-based software for quite some time, working with non-profits of varying sizes across the world. Full-stack-born, he likes to be involved in the whole scope of projects, from server setups to final UX tweaks and bug-hunting. He enjoys hardcore music, dungeons&dragons, barbecuing and spending time with his family. He is currently trying to make all of it happen at the same time.

Alan helps maintain and optimise the tech infrastructure, keeping the Techno Jungle nice and tidy.


Sam Slate
Junior Techno Assistant
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Sam is a student at Tufts University studying Computer Science and American Studies. He is interested in how technology influences political and social movements, and how to be a student of both technology and justice. At school, he is involved with STEM education programs and student organizing.

Sam supports the Tech and Design Team with research and analysis.