An evolving commitment to feminist digital infrastructures

Paola Mosso

In our time of climate emergency and growing efforts to erode democratic relationships and information ecosystems, perspectives around equity, enjoyment and care help us reimagine futures that nurture and regenerate relationships and natural ecosystems.

Staying Online During Internet Shutdowns

Cathy Richards

As part of our efforts around mapping digital resilience trends, challenges and opportunities, we’ve seen the impact that digital rights threats can have on civil society.

Technology in the service of justice

Julia Keseru

How The Engine Room aspires to approach our own technical choices with an explicit focus on justice and anti-oppression.

Navigating the current digital emergency

Zara Rahman

We’re seeing that many civil society organisations, particularly those working in service provision or public-facing roles, must reimagine their programmatic objectives and goals quickly.

Understanding people before creating new tech

Barbara Paes

Using data and technology in social justice work is about understanding the lives of the people you’re working with and then figuring out what type of work you can do to best serve those communities.

Stop assuming, start questioning

Nonso Jideofor

One way to hit the needed balance of ambition and practicality is by starting with the basics: understanding and defining the problem you want to address.

Share more, build less

Guest author

We see a lot of organisations looking for support with a technology project. The majority we see fall short of addressing project needs and don’t tap into the power of sharing and collaborating.

LevelUp your digital security training

Maya Richman

LevelUp features resources, advice, and insight for becoming a better digital safety trainer and better prepare for, manage, and evaluate events. The customizable LevelUp Trainers’ Curriculum has been field-tested to create the open and participatory dynamic found best fit for a digital security training environment.