Learning from co-leadership

Laura Guzman
Paola Mosso
Gillian Williams
Julia Keseru

Reflections on how we developed our shared leadership model.

Navigating the current digital emergency

Zara Rahman

We’re seeing that many civil society organisations, particularly those working in service provision or public-facing roles, must reimagine their programmatic objectives and goals quickly.

Building trust while working remotely

Sara Baker

With a team of 17 people working from 12 countries, we’ve been honing what works, and what doesn’t, for nine years of being a virtual workplace.

Making the most of a remote and diverse team

Zara Rahman

At The Engine Room, we’ve valued diversity for a long time. Having a team whose life experiences and perspectives vary greatly makes us better able to respond to complex situations and complement each other’s approach (and it makes our conversations much more interesting!). But developing ways of working that make the most of a diverse […]

Here we are, with the GDPR

Zara Rahman

As the implementation of the GDPR comes closer, here are some fo the things we’ve done to prepare.