Civil society actions & dreaming big in the face of Covid-19

Zara Rahman

How authoritarian power grabs, expanding surveillance structures, deadly mis/disinformation and sketchy public-private partnerships are important for the future of civil society’s work at the intersection of data, technology and human rights.

Report: Data protection & privacy in beneficial ownership

Laura Guzman

Our research assesses if publishing beneficial ownership data in public registers is lawful, if it is an effective way of tackling the abuse of anonymous companies, and how any potential impacts to privacy can be minimised or mitigated.

How small data can improve access to justice for the poor

Tom Walker
Matthew Burnett

Learnings from our report on the use and impact of technology in case management in Indonesia, Moldova, Mongolia, Sierra Leone, and South Africa, informed by interviews with a range of civil society organizations, technologists, and government representatives.

Announcing our new guide to investigative web research

Tom Walker

We’ve just finished working with a partner to create an introductory guide to investigative web research. As part of our aim to encourage shared, open documentation about the use of technology in social change, we’re publishing it so that other people can use it too. The guide is designed for researchers, activists and journalists who […]

New guide to participatory budgeting processes

Anca Matioc

Today, participatory budgeting amplified and supported with technology could play an important role in increasing citizen participation – and to help explore this issue, we’re excited to share our latest Library Entry, on Participatory Budgeting.

Using Data on Rainforests to Influence Investors: Our New Quick-Start Guide

Tom Walker

How can social change organisations influence companies to do the right thing for the environment? One way is to influence the people and organisations who invest in them. For example, Rainforest Foundation Norway (RFN) has successfully made the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG), adopt tropical deforestation as a priority issue in reducing […]