Interested in tackling transparency and accountability challenges in Latin America? Join our event!

Paola Mosso

Over the next months, we will be working together with regional partner organisations in Latin America and the Caribbean, such as Ciudadano Inteligente,Ojo Público,TEDIC and FLIP, to develop cross-border approaches to transparency and accountability challenges in the region, bringing people working together in an event in Rio in November 2017.

Applications are now closed.

Despite increased efforts from social and political actors in the fight against corruption, corrupt cross-border and cross-industry alliances are on the rise, as illustrated by recent scandals across the region, such as the Lava Jato case, the Odebrecht scandal and the FIFA corruption scandal. With this project, we are looking to explore existing gaps in strategies of transparency and accountability in Latin America, focusing on cross-cutting problem areas to encourage deep conversations.

The following sector-specific subtopics will be lead by our regional partners organisations, looking to build not only a dialogue but also a community around them: impunity, media freedoms, organisational security and the private sector influence in politics.

In the face of upcoming elections in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Perú and Colombia, we see an opportunity for experts and emergent leaders in the field of transparency and accountability from across the region to share, build, and refine knowledge and strategies on common challenges.

Are you passionate about pushing for more transparent and accountable governments? Are you working or do you have experience in the fight against corruption and impunity? Are you based in or have projects in Latin America & the Caribbean?

Join us in a two-day event in Rio de Janeiro during the first week of November 2017!

Who should apply?

If you or your organisation are doing work around transparency and accountability in Latin America, and can relate your work to one or more of the cross-cutting issue areas below, we want to hear from you!

  • Impunity
  • Media freedoms
  • Organisational security
  • Private sector influence in politics

What are we expecting from you?

Beyond a hands-on event, we see this as a live and ongoing conversation to develop cross-country strategies, in preparation for upcoming elections. Therefore, we expect your active participation in:

  • Pre-event online conversations (October)
  • A two-day convening during November 7-8, 2017
  • A post-event dialogue to discuss next steps and opportunities (December)

About the event

With support from the Open Society Foundations, this hands-on event will gather around 50 participants to support their transparency work by focusing on three critical objectives:

  • Develop and co-create cross-border alliances and strategies to investigate corruption, impunity and misuse of power
  • Make it not only technically easy, but also politically necessary, for a steady increase in data disclosure and increased transparency
  • Contextualise and replicate successful approaches to projects across contexts when appropriate

The deadline for applications was October 09, 2017.

Ready to apply?

The application has 19 questions divided into three sections. We’ll ask you for: background on you and/or your organisation’s work, information about one or more projects related to the transparency and accountability efforts, and about your expectations and interest in this event.

The candidate’s profile and work will be assessed based on a criteria previously developed along with regional partners.

Flights, accommodation and travel expenses will be covered for selected individuals.


We want to hear from you! Write to Paola Mosso ( or Fernanda Villaseñor ( and we will get back to you as soon as we can!