Our new FAQ: key questions about tech and data for social justice organisations

Barbara Paes

This year, with support from Sigrid Rausing Trust, we deepened our offer of support to activists, collectives and movements – particularly those who serve marginalised communities – that are facing challenges incorporating technologies in their work. 

Through our work, we see that working with tech and data isn’t a simple process for many social justice organisations and that many of our partners share similar concerns. So we decided to compile some of the key questions we get asked in a new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), currently available in English, Spanish and Portuguese (and soon in French). 

In this FAQ, we’re answering questions such as:

  • How can organisations start using more tech/data in their work?
  • How can organisations decide which tools to use?
  • What can be done to make sure staff is safe when using tech and data?
  • And many more!

Get tailored support from our team

In the FAQ, we don’t go into deep detail in each answer; instead, we point you in a direction to take next and share additional resources. If you have specific questions and/or are interested in figuring out how tech and data can best support your work, reach out to our team! We customise our support based on the specific needs and contexts of each social justice organisation we work with! 

Image by Patrick Perkins via Unsplash.