Innovation is not for free

Julia Keseru

How can we continue experimenting with technology’s liberatory potential, without sacrificing too much?

Tech Bias, People Bias

Zara Rahman

Though we’re increasingly focusing on the biases within technology, we shouldn’t turn away from the human decisions that put them there. 

Announcing our new guide to investigative web research

Tom Walker

We’ve just finished working with a partner to create an introductory guide to investigative web research. As part of our aim to encourage shared, open documentation about the use of technology in social change, we’re publishing it so that other people can use it too. The guide is designed for researchers, activists and journalists who […]

Announcing our new research on humanitarian futures for messaging apps

Tom Walker

Messaging apps are the fastest growing form of digital communication ever, with smartphone ownership rising rapidly around the world and messaging becoming many people’s favourite way to communicate. But what does this mean for humanitarian organisations? Our new research report, produced in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the messaging […]