Understanding people before creating new tech

Barbara Paes

Using data and technology in social justice work is about understanding the lives of the people you’re working with and then figuring out what type of work you can do to best serve those communities.

Technology and legal empowerment around the world

Tom Walker

We partnered with the Open Society Justice Initiative to research how legal empowerment actors worldwide are using technology to give people information about the law, connect them with legal advice, and provide them with legal services.

Don’t reinvent the wheel, refine it

Laura Guzman

At The Engine Room, we believe in collaboration and sharing resources to build technology. Reusing existing tools is a great way to develop solutions that are tailored and affordable, immediately useful and sustainable.

How small data can improve access to justice for the poor

Tom Walker
Matthew Burnett

Learnings from our report on the use and impact of technology in case management in Indonesia, Moldova, Mongolia, Sierra Leone, and South Africa, informed by interviews with a range of civil society organizations, technologists, and government representatives.

Share more, build less

Guest author

We see a lot of organisations looking for support with a technology project. The majority we see fall short of addressing project needs and don’t tap into the power of sharing and collaborating.