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Healthy and responsible data management with EVA Nigeria

This month we kicked off our collaboration with Education as a Vaccine (EVA), a Nigeria-based organisation working on improving the health and development of children and young people in the country. Through our Matchbox Programme, we will provide intensive support to EVA Nigeria for a period of six to eight months. 

Get to know EVA Nigeria: Improving the health and development of children and young people

EVA is a young-women-led and youth-focused organisation that envisions a Nigeria where children, adolescents and young people reach their full potential. 

EVA believes that adolescents and young people, especially young women and girls, should be provided with the skills, resources and opportunities to lead on matters affecting their lives. To this end, they work in partnership with children, adolescent girls and young people to advance their rights to health and protection from all forms of violence by strengthening capacities, providing direct services and influencing policies for improved quality of life.

EVA’s work focuses on young people’s and women’s rights, addressing their sexual and reproductive health and well-being as well as gender-based violence, other human rights violations, and discrimination they face. The organisation’s work ensures the legal, policy and sociocultural environment enables and supports the enjoyment of their sexual and reproductive health and rights, and their rights to freedom from violence.

Since its founding, EVA Nigeria has successfully contributed to: 

  • Reaching over 41 million individuals (offline and online), of which over 3 million are children or young people reached in person.
  • Trained over 4,000 individuals in providing services.
  • Strengthening the capabilities of 10,000 individuals and 98 groups, including those most marginalised and excluded, to participate in and give input into law and policy-making processes that uphold the human rights of children and young people. 

Learn more about their work on their website and social media channels (they’re on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook).

Working together on effective and responsible data management 

Throughout Matchbox, The Engine Room and EVA Nigeria will work together to assess the organisation’s current practices for data collection, analysis, storing and sharing. This will culminate in strengthening EVA Nigeria’s capacity to work with data in more responsible and effective ways.

If your organisation is interested in getting support from The Engine Room, please schedule a Light Touch Support call with us! Visit our blog to learn more about ways we can support your work.

Image by Scott Webb via Unsplash.

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