Ask us anything: digital resilience for social justice organisations 

Barbara Paes

On Thursday, July 13, we’re hosting a video-conference AMA (Ask Me – us – Anything) about digital resilience! From 5-6pm CEST, members of our team will gather in a video conference to answer your questions about digital resilience. 

This AMA follows on from the first one we held, in June, which we tried out as a potential new format of support. The session went really well and was a great experience to be able to talk to a variety of social justice organisers from different countries about responsible data. So we’re excited to host another AMA – this time focused on digital resilience!

At The Engine Room, we see digital resilience as a set of practices that support the ability of an organisation to protect itself from, and respond to, digital security threats; to adopt infrastructures that respond to the ever-changing needs and contexts of the organisation and its members; and to ensure their wellbeing.

In this call, we’re inviting social justice organisers who want to learn more about digital resilience to come with your questions (or just sit in and listen to what others are asking!). Questions can be quite broad and could be things like:  

  • What are some of the ways I can make my organisation more digitally resilient?
  • What should we understand about our context in order to use tech tools in ways that protect us?
  • What can we do to keep people safer when we start using different tech tools?
  • Where can we find resources to learn more about digital resilience? 

Join us

Our “Ask Us Anything” session is happening on Thursday, July 13, starting 5pm CEST. Our team members – experienced and committed activists, researchers and technologists – will be available to answer your questions! 

If you’re unable to attend but would still like to get support from our team, learn more about our work and get in touch to explore ways to work together.

Image by Thomas Verbruggen via Unsplash.